Foxy Fox
For kids 6 and up

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Foxy Fox

Hello, my name is Foxy Fox and I live in big forest. I love to drink milk, because milk makes me grown up and it helps my bones and teeth to be strong. I need strong bones so I can run quicker than every other animal in this forest. And with strong teeth, I can eat my favorite meal. Every day. But why is milk so important for me? In milk is a lot of calcium. Without calcium, my body can’t build my teeth and bones. That is why I started drinking milk when I was a little baby fox. And now, when I’m a grownup, I still drink milk so my bones can stay healthy. Oh look, there is Rabbi Rabbit. “Hi Rabbi!”, I said. “Hi Foxy! Do you want some of my soda?”, he asked me. “No, thank you. Soda is bad for your body. The sugar in your soda can lead to tooth decay and there is no calcium in it, too”, I explained. “I think, we should better go to Milky Cow and ask her for some milk. What do you think?” “Does milk really matters?”, Rabbi asked. “Oh yes, it does. Kids, can you explain Rabbi why milk matters?”, Foxy asked.

“Oh, now I see. So, if I drink milk every day, I have strong bones and good teeth. But where can I find some milk?”, Rabbi wondered. “Let’s go to Milky Cow and ask her for some milk”, Foxy answered. Together they went to Milky.“Milky? Are you at home?”, Foxy asked. But nobody answered. “I think she is at the softball field. Today is the big game”, Rabbi explained. So Foxy and Rabbi went to the softball field together. And they were right. They found Milky at the Softball field. They went to her. “Milky, can we have some milk of yours? We want strong bones. Can we?”, Rabbi asked before Foxy can say something. “Sure”, Milky answered. ”And how about some exercise? You can play softball with us. If you have enough exercise, your bones will be healthy enough, too. In fact, every child should to 30 minutes of exercise everyday to make there bones healthy.” “That is so awesome. Let’s play ball with all our friends. And you? You better go and play with our friends, too. Start today and make your bones healthy for tomorrow”, Rabbi, Foxy and Milky said to you. Then they went to the softball field to play some ball. And don’t forget:

Milk matters!!!